Welcome to the Mahia Peninsula.

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The stunning Mahia Peninsula has long been a surfing , fishing & diving mecca and a popular holiday spot for people from all around the world.

Due to the mild climate, Mahia Peninsula has become a popular year round destination for holidaymakers and tourists.

Mahia translates to murmur or indistinct sound. In its full form, Te Mahia mai Tawhiti means “the murmuring of home”. This rather romantic name refers to the immutable echo of the ocean, a sound permeating the small settlement that over the years has continued to grow alongside the sea. For decades, the breathtaking scenery has made Mahia a favourite holiday spot for many families and individuals.

Mahia Peninsula is an ecological island, that is unique & beautiful, and there is nowhere else like this place.

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Theres lots to do in Mahia...

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Whats on this Summer at Mahia:

Massive Military Invasion on Mahia Beach
To commerate the 70th Anniversary of the U.S 2nd division,
 who carried out practice landings at Mahia.

25 - 28th OCTOBER 2013



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